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The 2012 Golden Kitty Award Winners & Golden Show Moments from The Lesbian Lounge on - The Complete List

Golden Kitty Awards & The Lesbian Lounge Golden Show Moments of 2012- Podcast Available Jan 10th on iTunes, or from  To download this show & more of our past shows directly from iTunes.

Best Business Decision for The Lesbian Lounge in 2012: (We don't usually do anything business related, so this was big!): Hiring 'Sara-The Intern' and Not going to Key West for WomenFest. "No sweating in public- 2012" was our motivation.

Best Surprise Studio Guest: JD Danner of The JD Danner Band  (She smells SO damn good!)

Best Florida Studio Visit: Shannon Wentworth, Hazel of London, and our business manager Julie (because the laughs never stop when she rolls in)

Best Meal Night: "Big Bear Brewery", Coral Springs, FL (the waitress was a big ol' lezzer!) and "Sorissi Italian", Coconut Creek Casino, Coconut Creek, FL (Denise's Mom pays with her casino points for all five of us)

Best New Food Obsession: The Quest for the Holy Grail of Burgers this year! (Honorable mentions: The BK Bacon Sundae and PopChips)

Favorite New show segment added in 2012:  "Getting to Know You", "New Music" and "Political Fuckery"  (Who knew we had political opinions?)

Best Food of 2012:  "Joe Allen" - The West End in London, Seafood Paella on the Mediterranean Sea in Sitges Spain, near Barcelona, "Charm City Burgers" in
Deerfield, FL and the grilled vegetables that Deb made during Denise's return visit to Florida.

Best Featured Websites on The Lesbian Lounge Show:

Best Youth Site Featured on The Lesbian Lounge:  &

Best Trans Site Featured on The Lesbian Lounge: - En|Gender

Best Alternative Sites/Blogs featured on The Lesbian Lounge:  & ;

Best Overall Lesbian Lounge Show: The Oct 26 & Oct 31st shows (While Denise was in studio again) and The Pre-Thanksgiving Drunk Show

Best Award Rec'vd by The Lesbian Lounge for 2012:  None. Thanks, lesbians. (Really? After all we do for you??)

Best Lesbian Lounge Interview: Heather Peace, The Extended One Hour "Horse" Interview  (Two of the most downloaded shows this year!)

Best Digital Magazine/E-zine Site:  (<--shut up, so we're partial)

Best Musician: Jen Foster

Best Band: Eeek, HeadsHearts (UK)

Best Band: Playboy School and JD Danner Band (US)

Best Live Music Performance: Horse- in Brighton, at The Thistle Hotel and The L Project at L-Fest

Best New Big Screen Comic: Rebel Wilson

Best Stand Up Comedian: Jen Brister (UK)   Kathy Griffin (US)

Best Anti-Climatic Moment for The Lesbian Lounge: Arriving at Birmingham Pride (UK), and ...of course: 12/21/2012 The Mayan prediction

Best Live Lesbian or LGBT Event:  L-Fest ( and Honorable Mentions to: Lip Service Fan Event in Glasgow, The Big Gay Lifestyle Show, Olympics (London) and BreastFest 2012 in Wilton Manors, FL

Best Drink of the Week: Tartini (Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Chambord, Cranberry & Lime Juice)

Best Bar Tab Gay Place featured on The Lesbian Lounge- Actually Visited: Axel Hotel, Barcelona & The Seabreeze B & B in Brighton, UK

Best Lesbian Film: Albert Nobbs, Elena Undone  (Oh come on. Glenn Close!)

Best Bloggers:, and  (interesting, updated regularly, helpful & fun) and I'll throw in mine, since Donna likes it:

Best Gay & Lesbian Businesses:  Rainbow Bells (Niagara Falls, NY) and The GayCoffeeCompany in San Fran, CA   and

Best WTF & Uh-Oh Lesbian Lounge On-Air Moments: Donna's detailed description of "fisting", The Masturbation Month of May announcement, Donna reading gay men's advice column from at Denise's request, and Eproctophelia- the definition.

Best Lesbian Full Length Film Director: Nicole Conn ( knew it would go to her)

Best Lesbian Web series Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

Best Lesbian Web series: Easy Abby (Hurry up, it's only on episode 3, you can catch up!)

Best Lesbian TV Show: Lip Service -2 seasons only totaling 12 episodes (thanks, BBC3), we're dying for MORE!

Best TV Gay Boy Characters: Elijah ("Girls"), Kurt ("Glee"), Cam ("Modern Family"), Thomas ("Downton Abbey")

Best Real Life Gay Boys: Ross Matthews, Alan Carr, Graham Norton  (loveable, all of them)

Best Tweeters: Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5), Angie Davis (@AdarAngie79), Julie Segal (@juliasegal), Vanessa Ramos (@ThatRamosGirl), Frank (@GayAtHomeDad), Alison Egert (@alisonegert)

Worst Tweeters:  Kate Moennig, BravoAndy, EOnline! and PageSix

Best Guest on The Lesbian Lounge: Leslie Bibb ("Popular", "Talladega Nights", "GCB") - helping to create awareness about the "Bully" movie ratings change and did the LA AidsWalk -plus, she swears like a trucker, she's easy on the eyes and we've been crushing on her since her Ryan Murphy days.

Favorite Repeat Guests on The Lesbian Lounge: Fortune Feimster, director Linda Andersson, Denise Spivak of  (WIN Network)

Best Live Pee Moment on The Lesbian Lounge Show: When Denise fell off her chair, when Donna dutch-ovened the producer, the first 5 minutes of Denise returning to the Florida studio.

Best Phrase to come about during The Lesbian Lounge Show: "...and in 'Who Gives a Glass of Ass Juice' news..."

Best YouTube video: "8" by Dustin Lance Black,  "The L Project's 'It Gets Better' charity single" and "Denise's Adele impression" (you can view on

Best TV in General: "Modern Family", "Homeland", "Miranda", "Broke Girls"

Best Snarky TV Bitch: Chelsea Handler

Worst Snarky TV Bitch: Joan Rivers (give us a break, PLEASE)

Best Lesbian TV Characters: Tess, "Lip Service" and the new lesbian neighbors on "Modern Family", and Callie "Grey's Anatomy" (late addition: Shay on "Chicago Fire")

Best Lesbian Character on the internet:  Abby - of "Easy Abby" (Lisa Cordileone)

Best Lesbian on TV: Fortune Feimster, Kate McKinnon  (Yep, we've had both of them on our show....)

Worst Lesbian on TV:  Whitney Mixter -"The Real L Word"  (Ew!...Just...ew!) and Romi Klinger (Is she? Isn't she? Point her toward the wallet!)

Best Lesbian Couple: Rosie & Michelle

Worst Lesbian Couple: Jill Goldstein & Nikki Weiss-Goldstein (Ugh, enough with the over exposed Hollywood twiglets)

Best Lesbian (or LGBT) Resource Website: and

Best Lesbian Content Website:

Best Lesbian Magazine:  SHE Magazine   DIVA Magazine

Biggest Tool of 2012: (Finally, we give Brad Wollack a break!)  Kirk Cameron &  Chris Brown

Best Lesbian Travel Company: Sweet Travel  (

Biggest/Best Eco-Friendly Gay: Shannon Wentworth CEO of Sweet Travel (saving the world, one lesbian vacation at a time!)

Best Queer Authors: Sara Waters, Collin Kelley (male), Sara Marx

Best Editors: Diane Anderson-Minshall of The Advocate (no, it's not because Denise is a kiss-ass! Really. Diane is really good!)  Paul Burston (author & editor of Time Out London/Gay)

Best Lesbian "It" Girl: Rachel Maddow

Best Charity, Non-Profit, Awareness or Advocacy Organizations: A.N.G.E.L. Initiative, The L Project, and Diversity Role Models

Best Straight LGBT Supporters:  P!nk, Sally Field, and our Mom's

Best Non-Lesbian Lesbian: Rebel Wilson, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler

Best Lesbian Place: The Lesbian Lounge (every Wed. at 7pm EST/4pm PST/Midnight GBR) on - of course.

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