Friday, 3 February 2012

Just kidding!

Alright, quit bitchin', it was a joke. I am totally getting started today.  But, first, I feel like you should get to know me. I know I said I hate over exposure in my "List of Things I Don't Like" but, seriously, it doesn't apply to my OWN over exposure, so take a look at a few features on me this month, this way I don't have to type out a friggin' bio, Ok? and  Once you've got that part down, I'll explain a little better what life has been like since moving from South Florida, USA to London, England.  Are you wondering what my inspiration was to start a blog? Well. Next month, it'll be a year that I've been in England, experiencing a completely different way of life: from tiny cars, pubs, Tubes, trains, £'s, and dwarf beds to words like crisps, quid, queue, flat Americano, chippy & petrol and I thought to myself, "This shit needs to be documented."  So... away we go. (ok, maybe not today, but sit tight, it's gonna happen)

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