Monday, 3 September 2012

Some days...

         "Some days you are the cat's ass and some days you're the one staring into it"

I understand this. I really do.  The older I get, the more fully aware I am that life is a series of ups & downs, fast & slow, peaks & valleys, mountains & mole hills, ebb & flows, and all that cliche shit. Take for instance this summer. I attended my first Pride event in Birmingham in June, as it pissed down rain in continuous English fashion. Cold, wet but not stopping any true gaymo's fun.

 In July, I was in Barcelona, Spain for a week. It was beautiful every single day- sunny skies, the Mediterranean Sea, incredible food, plenty of gorgeous sites, from the buildings, streets, shops to the fabulous people.


After returning back with just enough time to do laundry, visit the cats, and check in with family, I was off to L-Fest! This second annual lesbian music/camping/comedy & arts festival takes place in July up north in Shrewsbury, England at the massive & amazing Shropshire West Mid Showground. With it's incredible line up of talented musicians, inspiring workshops, author readings, film selection, vendors, hilarious comedy, evening parties, sports, contests & events, it's non-stop lesbian fun from sun up well into the wee hours. Rain or shine, the lezzies don't stop.


Once back from the lesbians-in-the-mud experience, it was time to celebrate the Olympics for the next two weeks. The BBC television coverage was beyond what anyone could hope for, airing live events with a detailed schedule of times, places, channels, and constant updates. Addicted doesn't come to close to my state of mind. As if watching every event from table tennis, archery, kayak to mountain cycling, wasn't enough- we had lucked out with tickets to attend the Finals in Women's Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards Parade stadium -3rd row from the sand- where Team USA would play Team USA. What more could an American Lesbian in London hope for? Seriously! Jennifer Kessey, April Ross, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Treanor all on one night, getting silver & gold medals, seeing the US flag billowing in perfect night air- it was quite a moment!


So...just as summer comes to a close, I'm reminded of all the ups...and I'm grateful.


And now for the down: Monumental toothache! Wisdom tooth extraction scheduled for Sept 6th. Ugh.



  1. Oh man... oral surgery in the UK.... Do let us know how THAT turns out!!!! ;-)

  2. So far, so good- great dentist, great staff, good, clean, close office and insanely affordable!